In two years time, what do you hope to have in life?

I recently found the blog of a survivor with a pretty atypical profile, Tabitha Farrar, author of Love Fat.

She focuses on promoting active recovery for adults, against the convention of traditional therapy such as meal plans…

I can’t agree with everything she promotes, like allowing people in the process of recovery to binge or having in all single meals a supporter. But maybe it is my ED voice writing now..

One of her amazing projects is a support group on Slack. It is an app she used for work and it is a great way to have many channels of conversation continuously going on. She was created a community of warriors supporting each other that is really encouraging.

One of the channels is the #daily-discussion, where one question to reflect on ourselves, on out problems and fears and lives, is asked everyday. We can all comment and encourage the others by seeing their own replies.

Here is what I wrote to the question in the title of this post: In two years time, what do you hope to have in life?

  1. Reach a healthy weight
  2. Start accepting my feelings and sensations after eating. Free of guilt!
  3. Have a fully functional body to have sex drive, real emotions…
  4. Scuba dive without being reversed by the oxygen tank!
  5. Recover my self-confidence. Failing with food has made me believe I fail in everything and I have many troubles in other areas of my life because of this…

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
― Søren Kierkegaard


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