Today, she.

She is tired of giving up.

She didn’t sleep last night, but she is not tired.

Today she doesn’t look at the mirror; she feels beautiful.

Today she doesn’t mind about that number; she is plenty.

Today she feels the colors of life in her cheeks.

Today she likes her smile; she is not a stranger anymore.

Today she doesn’t wait; she is a warrior.

Today she speaks out loud; she tames the roar of the lion.

Today she understands that fear can be thrown with a single bite.

Today she dreams what she wants; she doesn’t worry anymore.

Today she knows her life will never again be a failure.

Today she surrenders; she wants to be herself.

Today she is going to be happy; despite how cold even the summer was.

Today she discovers that the world is there just for her; and no one can harm her.

Today she in going to conquer the skies; she doesn’t mind how far the ground is.

Today she looks ahead; because looking back has been painful enough.

Today she sprays joy; because her eyes got tired of being crying.

Today she can laugh, even at herself; because she has achieved.

Today she is not the perfect woman they expected;

She has broken the rules marked.

Today she is a woman who realises her soul.

Today she dreams; she is going to reach her dream.

Today she is going to be the woman; the woman she decides to be.

Today she loves herself; more than anyone could love her.

A brave woman, a smiling woman.

See how she stands.

Today was born the perfect woman.

PS: The beautiful cover photo is a draft of my warrior friend, Amy Goh.

PS: those words are inspired by the powerful song that I use as my recovery soundtrack, Ella by Bebe!

“And he was her one true person, settled and sure, for life” – Laini Taylor


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