Hunger, my body knows

Yesterday I sang to my body, ethereal companion.
I wanted to love my shadows,

Forget the pity; indulge with compassion.
It was transforming; an epiphany.

I saw, reflected in the mirror,

who I was, hiding there.
Under the moonlight I felt hungry.

“It is too late. Your body is wrong. Stay in my shore”

He gave me the reasons, to ignore.
“You can wait to tomorrow”.

I said, oppressing my stomach again.

And he decided not to sleep, breathing in pain.
I woke up early with the sun, ravenous.

I wanted to bite the world,

I needed to suck a new life; courageous.
It was a hunger of years, sticking

to my bones, lying below

the starved skin caressed yesterday.
I have woke her up.

I was waiting for her to come.

Extreme hunger there you are.
This day my body starts screaming.

For so long ignored, punished, hated,

I am feeling you and choose to react.
The plate doesn’t scare me anymore

My body does. Its suffering does.

I can feel its hidden scars. My body knows.

“Desire is the kind of thing that eats you and leaves you starving.” – Nayyirah Waheed


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